Dental Care

Why does it cost more for my dog to get dental care than it does for me? Everyone talks about health care, but nobody seems to be talking about health care for pets. Do domesticated animals have a right to health care? This opens the whole “animal rights” can of worms of course. And it’s about time the oppressed worms of the world were liberated from their inhumane and unconstitutional imprisonment.

Pregnancy Update

I know it's been awhile but as soon as I posted the last entry, my hard drive went in my laptop. I posted that entry and got offline and when I tried to get back on later, I couldn't. It took me a few weeks to get a new one. And then last night my external hard drive got fried. I'm having no luck. I'm not upset that I have to buy a new because they aren't that much, I'm just upset that everything that was important to me was on there. But that's life. I'll just have to buy another one and this time I will save what's really important (pictures of family and friends) to more than just that hard drive. So I still haven't seen a doctor for this pregnancy yet. My normal doctor is moving so he referred to someone else. The doctor who did the c-section for my daughter, however, he is extremely difficult to get into see. After waiting over a month, I'll get to see him next week. I really think I'm a lot farther along than my original doctor calculated. When I first took a pregnancy test at the doctors office and it came back positive, the doctor kept asking if I was sure that my last period was normal because the test came back very strong for only being 4-5 weeks along. Thankfully, I actually track my menstrual cycles and I think I may be 16 weeks instead of the 10 weeks they have me at now. I can't wait to finally get an ultrasound and know for sure. I feel a lot farther along than 10 weeks. I'm uncomfortable and my blood pressure has been up and down and I swear I've felt small amount of movement over the past few weeks. With my daughter I felt great at 10 weeks. If I'm really feeling this bad at 10 weeks then this is going to be a rough pregnancy. Being a bigger girl, I tend not to get that cute baby bump until around 8 months along so I can never say for sure if I'm showing more but I feel like I am. I've been eating pretty healthy, with the exception to caving to a few cravings and at my last appointment I was down 5 pounds but now my pants are getting tight.

With my daughter I gained a lot of weight and I was hoping that if I just ate healthy then I wouldn't gain much this time. So when I see my pants getting tight at just 10 weeks, it's kind of depressing. I know I'm pregnant and I should expect to get bigger but being a bigger girl, they really don't expect you to gain much, if any at all during pregnancy. There's not much I can do right now except eat healthy and take a walk everyday. I can't tell you how much I miss my elliptical machine. I was doing really good before I got pregnant. I felt great and the weight was coming off. I had not had any junk food or anything bad in about 2 months. I loved working out and eating super healthy because I felt great. I had mix feelings about finding out I was pregnant. Obviously, it's another baby so I'm happy about that. However, it wasn't planned and I was hoping to shed a bit of weight to make my next pregnancy easier. Plus it was going to bring my work outs down. I'm scared more than anything because of my weight and because my blood pressure was going up for a few weeks. I have no clue how it's been lately, I've been taking my medicine so hopefully it's good. High blood pressure, especially when you're pregnant is really scary. And it doesn't help to have to wait this long to see a doctor. Plus I know I'm going to have to have another c-section, which I hate. I had so much trouble with the epidurals and spinals (It took 3 tries of each to finally get one to take) and then being strapped down to a table, not feeling your lower body and not being able to move is really stressful for me. It takes everything in me not to panic. There's not much I can do now except try to eat really healthy and try to walk everyday. Hopefully next time I update, I'll know for sure when I am due and have some answers and feel better about everything. good night and see you soon!

A Small Update on Things

Wow I didn't realize it had been this long since I last wrote on here. I'm in my 6th month of pregnancy now. And it's a boy! And I'm hoping it stays that way lol It's been an ok pregnancy so far. Had an issue with blood pressure early on but with meds it's be under control. The baby is about 2lbs by now and it's taking it's toll on my hips. I've gained 12lbs so far, which I guess isn't bad and I tell myself that. But I honestly can't wait to get back to working out, which probably won't happen until mid January with a c-section. We're still in the housing crisis. We've been lucky that this house hasn't sold yet and our landlord said she is done with that particular real estate agency. I'm really hoping we can get by until the spring before we have to move. I don't like the idea of having to move in the winter or around the holidays and a birth on top of it. And I'm hoping rent prices will return to normal by then which is probably unlikely. Needless to say with financial stress, the housing stress and the normal family drama, my life hasn't felt very magical at all.

I wish I had time to meditate, I think I would feel alot better. But my daughter is on this "lets only sleep 4 hours a night" kick and it leaves me exhausted and as soon as I hit my bed, or anything else comfy, I'm out. And all that lack of sleep takes it toll, especially on a pregnant body. I think things with my sister are about to hit a boiling point. Lately, I find myself not saying much about things that might bring conflict because I'm just sick of fighting and I don't want my daughter to be around it. But my sister just turned 18 almost 2 months ago and won't get a job. Has never had a job or worked a day in her life. And when we tell her she needs to get a job and she needs to throw some money at the household income around here, even if its only $200 a month, she gets pissed off. She isn't willing to do anything to help out but she expects to have her laptop, her tv, her internet, her cell phone, new clothes and food. And because she has no income and can't buy any of her necessities, she has started using mine. For example, my cosmetics. I now spend double what I would normally spend on makeup.

I try to hide it when I can remember but it really annoys me that I just can't keep my cosmetics in my bathroom cabinet, where it belongs. And she will use it up and not say anything, just put it back. So when I go to put on eyeliner or foundation, I find the containers empty. And another thing is the lack of help. Everyone does their part around here, I may be lacking lately because I hurt so much and I have no energy but I do my best. However, she does nothing except keep her room clean. She won't help with dishes and on the rare occasion that she does then it usually takes a big fight. She doesn't take care of her cats, at all. My mom says to get rid of them but they have been with us for awhile and it's not their fault she won't take care of them. So we just take care of them because you have to, they need you to. But I have to cut this short because we are having an unplanned family trip to a zoo. But I'll be back to update with pics and more writing because I really did miss writing here. And I have to update my layout and all the buttons.

Stupid in Love

Remember those old Hollywood movies with beautiful ladies in distress, saved by strong, charismatic men? God, I hated them, especially when following the script, women had to look both pretty and stupid. Well, that was then, before I fell in love and discovered love can really make you look ridiculous. I met him a couple of months ago at a party (not as glamorous as a movie scene but really common nowadays). He is a friend of a cousin of a friend. I know, still not glamorous. I don't remember much of this "first date" but if it made him call me back next day, it must have been good. So we started going out a lot, hanging at each other's places, you know, the usual stuff. Or at least it looked normal... until my friends got upset because I stopped going out with them, my mom started to think I'm so broke I couldn't afford calling her to see how she was and started sending me money, and I had to give away my cat, Doris, because of his allergies. As if this wasn't enough, I started looking for recipes online and took personal days so I could cook him fancy diners. Also, I have been leaving notes with love poems for him on the fridge every morning. At least I didn't actually write them, click here if you want to see my favorite website nowadays. So here I am, two months later, I gained 6 pounds, lost 2 friends, and learned a bunch of love poems for him by heart. The point is love can make do stupid things. Better yet, love makes you stupid. I don't know if it's good, or bad, but I do know it turns your life and your priorities upside down. I'm not even sure if he's the one I want to spend my life with, and I am making real efforts to imagine him bold and fat so I could figure it out. Anyway, call me stupid, but I love my life as it is right now, it feels good having the other half to lean on and... I never really dreamed of applying to Harvard.

As Much Time as Anybody Else

"Dad, do you have time"? The dad stops and says "Time? As much as anyone else". Time is not a commodity we have been given only so much of. We all have the same amount of hours within our day and the same amount of days in our week. What we choose to do in those hours and how we prioritize what we do is our choice. We can talk to a person every day and find a million excuses why we don’t have time to talk to another. I do it, we all do it. Besides, technology has made it impossible to stay incommunicado unless it is our choice. I am yet to find the time to do yoga, more sit ups or finish some of the books I have been given. I, however, find time to read the ones of my choice, drink my glass of wine, sit and relax and do a number of other things that find their way into my day. I simply don’t make the time to do others. Every so often we need to take a look at our priorities and reevaluate them. Lower or eliminate some and rank others higher. By doing this, we are sure to maintain a healthy balance in the choices we make with our time. After all, it is the same as anybody else.