As Much Time as Anybody Else

"Dad, do you have time"? The dad stops and says "Time? As much as anyone else". Time is not a commodity we have been given only so much of. We all have the same amount of hours within our day and the same amount of days in our week. What we choose to do in those hours and how we prioritize what we do is our choice. We can talk to a person every day and find a million excuses why we don’t have time to talk to another. I do it, we all do it. Besides, technology has made it impossible to stay incommunicado unless it is our choice. I am yet to find the time to do yoga, more sit ups or finish some of the books I have been given. I, however, find time to read the ones of my choice, drink my glass of wine, sit and relax and do a number of other things that find their way into my day. I simply don’t make the time to do others. Every so often we need to take a look at our priorities and reevaluate them. Lower or eliminate some and rank others higher. By doing this, we are sure to maintain a healthy balance in the choices we make with our time. After all, it is the same as anybody else.