Fantasy Girl

Fantasy girl is in fact a real person. I have never met her though. I only known her appearance 2 dimensionally and have only heard her voice over air waves. I am not one given to fantasizing about celebrities. There are celebrity women who are intensely beautiful in so many ways. From the ones whose personalities draw us in with the appearance of warmth and sincerity, to those who physical appearance inspires lust with just a glance, and all those in between. The reason I do not fantasize about celebrities is because they are not “real” to me. What I know of celebrities is that they set themselves apart in some way, and make themselves unapproachable. If I had to worry about being mobbed by strangers always asking for something, I imagine I would do the same thing. When I fantasize, I prefer fantasies in which I am the observer watching (and to some degree feeling) what is happening. Or I prefer a fantasy in which the person I am with wants and desires me thoroughly. It is that want and desire that feeds my own, and thus fuels the fantasy. So for me to fantasize about someone who I have only seen in pictures or have only heard the voice from places far away is highly unusual for me. Yet there is the fantasy.

I Know these People

Unless I hear differently sometime today, we will have guests arriving tomorrow. I cannot think of a time I've been less excited about entertaining guests. These guests are on a long driving trip through parts of the US & Canada. They called a few weeks ago and said they're like to stop by for three days. I'm not hosting them as such, they have hotel reservations. They would like us to tour the area with them. Now what could be wrong with that? This is the couple we haven't seen in twenty years. Will I even know these people? We were young military couples in those days, them from Louisiana and us from Texas. After the military they went back to Louisiana and we went back to Texas. I don't know about them, but I have changed drastically in the last twenty years. Bob has not, he remains ever the same. Will they still be the couple we knew so long ago or will they also have changed? Remember, she wants to purchase a manzanita bush to take back to Louisiana in their car. They want to see the Pacific Ocean. That's the better part of a day. Bob won't go. If they've driven this far on their own perhaps they can also find the ocean. I don't think it's that easy. I think they had in mind the four of us enjoying the day. Seeing the Portland Rose Gardens was the other request they asked from us. That we can do with ease. Two weeks ago the roses were still just buds so hopefully by now they should be bloomed out in all their splendor. Bob will go to the rose gardens so that should be a very nice day, except it's forecast to rain all three days they'll be here.

It's Friday!

Yes, I have been gone a very long time, I know. I actually did not plan to be gone at all, let alone this long, but life is, what it is... unpredictable and sometimes overly busy. So, here I am with a small explanation of what has been happening as well as an explanation of why I may not be here regularly in the future. First of all, we just got through the rest of our holidays for the year. Fall is a very, very busy time for our festivals, but they are done and I don't have to do anymore holiday preparations until the end of February! I have been taking on my garden with a vengeance this week. Due to the holidays, it was in a state of neglect and looks like a jungle as the weeds are huge, thanks to a few rain showers. Yesterday I planted around three hundred pea plants. This may sound like a large number, but I really don't think it will feed our love of peas for very long. I also planted some more brassicas (broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts) as our other plants were eaten. At the community garden we are not able to set up fences, so people or animals can just walk in and take your hard work.