5 Easy Steps to Perfect Brows

I'll admit when I was at school big brows were not in fashion like they are now. I remember every sunday night plucking and plucking til my poor brows were a thin line and bright red! My friend used to shave hers all off and just use an eyebrow pencil to draw her brows... how things have changed! Full bushy eyebrows are finally in fashion. You only have to look at pictures from London Fashion Week to see as every model as a full brow. I have tried so many times to let my eyebrows grow to achieve a fuller brow but they just look so awful when they grow back that I have to hack at them again. I had been looking around for a while for something to help me grow my eyebrows but not make them look wild during the growing process. I found the Too Faced Brow Envy kit and I had to have it. Since having the Brow Envy I have been more confident with defining my eyebrows and I have to admit I quite enjoy preppin my brows now. 
1.Use the razor to shave all the stray hairs. A razor is much better than tweezers in my opinion as you cant go crazy with it and take off too much. I tend to hold my index finger over my brow and then razor off the stray hairs that are left. 2. Take your Too Faced Brow Envy Palette and pick which hair shade you are. I am using the blonde shade with my Sigma E65 Small Angled brush. Just dab the brush into the shade and lightly pat it onto your brows. You only want to fill in the gaps you don't want to paint on your eyebrows that's not a good look. 3. Once you have added colour to your brows and filled in the gaps. Use a cotton wool bud to apply the setting wax to your brow. To keep the hairs in their place. 4. Then using the eyebrow wand that comes with the Brow Envy palette just comb through your brows so they look neat. 5. Using my Sigma E05 brush I sweep the Brow Envy highlighter under the outter arch of my brow. What I Used: Pink Eye Brow Razor; Sigma E65 and E05 Brushes; Too Faced Brow Envy Kit; Cotton Bud. Hope you enjoyed this post.


Hey! I didn't really want to post this (talking about personal matters always make me feel terribly uncomfortable) but I don't like to disappear without a reason either! I still owe you the shading manicure video tutorial but couldn't do it in due time (Sunday) because the Miss Catastrophe I am get a bike accident on Saturday afternoon. It left me slightly injured with burnings, bruises and wounds on the right side of my face, an injured knee and a couple of broken rib bone (which is ridiculously painful). I could have posted but the painkillers left me sleepy and unable to concentrate for 3 days so I've simply decided to cut on them to get my head back. My ribs hurt but my mind feel clearer now which means I'll be back with posts before the end of the week. Oh and I can't wait to be at least half recovered because I plan to go to Ikea to pick a couple of Helmer ;) See you soon!