Hoarder Dogs End

Isn't like me to not be able to handle things but I think dog rescue has finally caught up with me, all the sadness, the mean people, the faces of dogs who are scheduled to die or did die in a shelter alone and scared. Then trying to do the right thing and feeling like a punching bag. As my bff said I have a sign on my head that says "wipe your ass here". I try to look at things from both sides. Ok, if I were in their shoes what would I have done or would I do. And what did I do to piss them off or to cause this or that to happen and I am going to be real honest sometimes yes I can see where I could have done something different. Like for example I could have said no I won't take the binder and give to Sharon. But in the case of the dog I gave the people that have her every opportunity to sing a contract and honestly only get a puppy party e-vite from me. But instead they acted like jerks. So not sure what I could have done differently there except not to care at all. Just not sure I can do that, not care it is hard to do. Why is that.