Fantasy Girl

Fantasy girl is a real person. I have never met her though. I only known her appearance 2 dimensionally and have only heard her voice over air waves. I am not one given to fantasizing about celebrities. There are celebrity women who are intensely beautiful in so many ways. From the ones whose personalities draw us in with the appearance of warmth and sincerity, to those who physical appearance inspires lust with just a glance, and all those in between. The reason I do not fantasize about celebrities is because they are not “real” to me. What I know of celebrities is that they set themselves apart in some way, and make themselves unapproachable. If I had to worry about being mobbed by strangers always asking for something, I imagine I would do the same thing. When I fantasize, I prefer fantasies in which I am the observer watching (and to some degree feeling) what is happening. Or I prefer a fantasy in which the person I am with wants and desires me thoroughly. It is that want and desire that feeds my own, and thus fuels the fantasy. So for me to fantasize about someone who I have only seen in pictures or have only heard the voice from places far away is highly unusual for me. Yet there is the fantasy.

I Know these People

Unless I hear differently sometime today, we will have guests arriving tomorrow. I cannot think of a time I've been less excited about entertaining guests. These guests are on a long driving trip through parts of the US & Canada. They called a few weeks ago and said they're like to stop by for three days. I'm not hosting them as such, they have hotel reservations. They would like us to tour the area with them. Now what could be wrong with that? This is the couple we haven't seen in twenty years. Will I even know these people? We were young military couples in those days, them from Louisiana and us from Texas. After the military they went back to Louisiana and we went back to Texas. I don't know about them, but I have changed drastically in the last twenty years. Bob has not, he remains ever the same. Will they still be the couple we knew so long ago or will they also have changed? Remember, she wants to purchase a manzanita bush to take back to Louisiana in their car. They want to see the Pacific Ocean. That's the better part of a day. Bob won't go. If they've driven this far on their own perhaps they can also find the ocean. I don't think it's that easy. I think they had in mind the four of us enjoying the day. Seeing the Portland Rose Gardens was the other request they asked from us. That we can do with ease. Two weeks ago the roses were still just buds so hopefully by now they should be bloomed out in all their splendor. Bob will go to the rose gardens so that should be a very nice day, except it's forecast to rain all three days they'll be here.

It's Friday!

Yes, I have been gone a very long time, I know. I actually did not plan to be gone at all, let alone this long, but life is, what it is... unpredictable and sometimes overly busy. So, here I am with a small explanation of what has been happening as well as an explanation of why I may not be here regularly in the future. First of all, we just got through the rest of our holidays for the year. Fall is a very, very busy time for our festivals, but they are done and I don't have to do anymore holiday preparations until the end of February! I have been taking on my garden with a vengeance this week. Due to the holidays, it was in a state of neglect and looks like a jungle as the weeds are huge, thanks to a few rain showers. Yesterday I planted around three hundred pea plants. This may sound like a large number, but I really don't think it will feed our love of peas for very long. I also planted some more brassicas (broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts) as our other plants were eaten. At the community garden we are not able to set up fences, so people or animals can just walk in and take your hard work.

People are Amazing to Me

The amazing thing is though I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people. My when my friend's baby was hurt I couldn't believe how many people who don't even know my friend but know me were jumping into help. All of the people that volunteer for my rescue are just amazing, I seriously couldn't do it without them. All the rescue folks who are willing to pitch in and help when another rescue person or one of their dogs needs help. The amazing people who have adopted from me and are always willing to help with the rescue or really with anything. I get so upset when people are nasty / mean / hurtful... I guess it is because logically I don't understand why they are acting in the manner in which they are acting but I need to not dwell on the idiots. I need to focus on all the amazing people I have come in contact over the years and all the amazing people who surround me. I do need to make sure that those who aren't "trusty worthy" or those who are mean / nasty / hurtful go away, far far away. I am slowly purging and it is freeing to purge b/c you don't have to deal with the nastiness but at the same time it sucks when it is someone you have known for so long. And people wonder why I do dog rescue... I like dogs way more then people.. they aren't mean and nasty on purpose. They love you just for feeding them... they love you for being you. You can be you around a dog.. they are ok with you having a bad day and won't hold it against you and they don't lie and they aren't jealous of you. Oh I love my dogs.

Doggie Jail

This afternoon my mom came to my work and we drove to the Cleveland City Kennel. Is that place doggie jail! Concrete everything, no lighting... scary. I considered staying home and having fun printing some dogs coloring pages in that moment. But no, I couldn't' do that! Anyway, we loaded up 4 of the dogs seized from dog fighting ring and drove back to work. They all seemed so friendly and sweet. Mom brought them home and put them in their kennels. When I got home from work I had 2 vet appointments for different dogs and 1 adoption. Plus Sammie and Newton were getting dropped off so they can go have their spay/neuter surgery tomorrow. Once all that was over, I took Kassa (the dog Holly watched get thrown from a car on News Year Eve) and put her in the fenced area. I then took two of the dogs to the fence to meet her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body but is about the same size as them so figured it was a good test. The first dog and her smelled each other and all was good. Then the second dog... she was fine with Kassa but quickly turned her attention to the other dog. She seemed a little stand off ish and then out of no where snap! It was like a switch went off in her head. It took everything in my power to get her off of the other dog.

The poor other dog just laid on his back like ok kill me. Once I got her off of the other dog she was pulling on me like she want to keep going. I got in between her and the other dog at one point but that wasn't going to stop her she went for my leg but I moved quick enough. I don't really think she was going after me b/c she is human aggressive but she defiantly is dog aggressive. I put her in a room by herself and just left her there to "chill out". I brought out the other 2 dogs and they were totally fine. I let them off leads and the 3 bait dogs and Kassa ran in the front fenced area. They were loving life. I just stood there and watch. It was probably the first time the have even been allowed to run free. If I asked them "what are you doing" they would run as fast as they could to me. Blossom would jump on me and want me to pet her head. Oh they are so sweet. Of course they made a total mess of their cages so that took me about 45 minutes to clean! And while all of this is going on, I get a phone call from a foster home about the foster dog being bad. I just don't know what I am going to do about that situation... I am at a loss. Oh, and I get a phone call from the hoarder lady that I have worked with before. She has a dog she wants to give me. Of course I said yes... and all this in one day!

Rebecca Maizel at Books on the Square

Well, me and the sibs went. We had fun. I felt like an oldie, "This is the most fun I've had in years!" I even cracked out my walker for the occasion. Me and the sibs were probably the babes of the bunch. Not a lot of youngsters. Shame on them for not coming. Probably should have spread the word on fb too. It was a happy party time, with some food, dancing and music (okay I lie about the last two). But there were some awesome cupcakes, I think each cuppycake had a whole sticks worth of butter in the icing, yum. Okay back to the stuff you wanna hear. Rebecca Maizel, well I guess you never know what to expect. When I first saw her I was all like, "Celebrity!" Maybe I should have gone all paparazzo and started clicking away, "Over here Ms. Maizel! Over here!" I bob and weave as I say this. My fingers frantically pressing the capture button (?) on my camera. Rebecca Maizel was very nice and funny, very approachable, too bad I am shy. But she did come over to quiz us, "What are you babies doing up past you beddy bye time?" I kid, she was nice to us chicken heads. Ms. Maizel sister talked to us too, telling us not to be scared of her sister (or something to that effect).

5 Easy Steps to Perfect Brows

I'll admit when I was at school big brows were not in fashion like they are now. I remember every sunday night plucking and plucking til my poor brows were a thin line and bright red! My friend used to shave hers all off and just use an eyebrow pencil to draw her brows... how things have changed! Full bushy eyebrows are finally in fashion. You only have to look at pictures from London Fashion Week to see as every model as a full brow. I have tried so many times to let my eyebrows grow to achieve a fuller brow but they just look so awful when they grow back that I have to hack at them again. I had been looking around for a while for something to help me grow my eyebrows but not make them look wild during the growing process. I found the Too Faced Brow Envy kit and I had to have it. Since having the Brow Envy I have been more confident with defining my eyebrows and I have to admit I quite enjoy preppin my brows now. 
1.Use the razor to shave all the stray hairs. A razor is much better than tweezers in my opinion as you cant go crazy with it and take off too much. I tend to hold my index finger over my brow and then razor off the stray hairs that are left. 2. Take your Too Faced Brow Envy Palette and pick which hair shade you are. I am using the blonde shade with my Sigma E65 Small Angled brush. Just dab the brush into the shade and lightly pat it onto your brows. You only want to fill in the gaps you don't want to paint on your eyebrows that's not a good look. 3. Once you have added colour to your brows and filled in the gaps. Use a cotton wool bud to apply the setting wax to your brow. To keep the hairs in their place. 4. Then using the eyebrow wand that comes with the Brow Envy palette just comb through your brows so they look neat. 5. Using my Sigma E05 brush I sweep the Brow Envy highlighter under the outter arch of my brow. What I Used: Pink Eye Brow Razor; Sigma E65 and E05 Brushes; Too Faced Brow Envy Kit; Cotton Bud. Hope you enjoyed this post.