The Hoarder Dogs

I love it when someone asks "Is the dog free?" My response is yes, you just pay all the medical bills. Or when someone asks if I can lower the adoption fee. Really? You find me a perfectly healthy pet and you get all the vet care done on it and let me know what was better, paying a $100 or $200 adoption fee or dealing with all the vet appointments and paying all those bills. Well let's see what else has been going on. Finally received a judgment in the photo album case, again. And again it states I didn't do anything wrong besides accidentally miss placing it. The issue with the dog that was placed without my knowledge still continues. I totally don't understand what the heck they are trying to do, wish it would finally come to a head. I would love to go to court and sit in front of a judge with all of those who support me and say "I was trying to do the best thing for the dog and (insert name here) was rude and nasty. She told me I could have the dog back and when I asked for the dog back she got a lawyer." My anxiety has been a bit out of control. I can't handle any type of "negative" attitude from anyone.

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