Fantasy Girl

Fantasy girl is in fact a real person. I have never met her though. I only known her appearance 2 dimensionally and have only heard her voice over air waves. I am not one given to fantasizing about celebrities. There are celebrity women who are intensely beautiful in so many ways. From the ones whose personalities draw us in with the appearance of warmth and sincerity, to those who physical appearance inspires lust with just a glance, and all those in between. The reason I do not fantasize about celebrities is because they are not “real” to me. What I know of celebrities is that they set themselves apart in some way, and make themselves unapproachable. If I had to worry about being mobbed by strangers always asking for something, I imagine I would do the same thing. When I fantasize, I prefer fantasies in which I am the observer watching (and to some degree feeling) what is happening. Or I prefer a fantasy in which the person I am with wants and desires me thoroughly. It is that want and desire that feeds my own, and thus fuels the fantasy. So for me to fantasize about someone who I have only seen in pictures or have only heard the voice from places far away is highly unusual for me. Yet there is the fantasy.