Hey! I didn't really want to post this (talking about personal matters always make me feel terribly uncomfortable) but I don't like to disappear without a reason either! I still owe you the shading manicure video tutorial but couldn't do it in due time (Sunday) because the Miss Catastrophe I am get a bike accident on Saturday afternoon. It left me slightly injured with burnings, bruises and wounds on the right side of my face, an injured knee and a couple of broken rib bone (which is ridiculously painful). I could have posted but the painkillers left me sleepy and unable to concentrate for 3 days so I've simply decided to cut on them to get my head back. My ribs hurt but my mind feel clearer now which means I'll be back with posts before the end of the week. Oh and I can't wait to be at least half recovered because I plan to go to Ikea to pick a couple of Helmer ;) See you soon!  

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