Pregnancy Update

I know it's been awhile but as soon as I posted the last entry, my hard drive went in my laptop. I posted that entry and got offline and when I tried to get back on later, I couldn't. It took me a few weeks to get a new one. And then last night my external hard drive got fried. I'm having no luck. I'm not upset that I have to buy a new because they aren't that much, I'm just upset that everything that was important to me was on there. But that's life. I'll just have to buy another one and this time I will save what's really important (pictures of family and friends) to more than just that hard drive. So I still haven't seen a doctor for this pregnancy yet. My normal doctor is moving so he referred to someone else. The doctor who did the c-section for my daughter, however, he is extremely difficult to get into see. After waiting over a month, I'll get to see him next week. I really think I'm a lot farther along than my original doctor calculated. When I first took a pregnancy test at the doctors office and it came back positive, the doctor kept asking if I was sure that my last period was normal because the test came back very strong for only being 4-5 weeks along. Thankfully, I actually track my menstrual cycles and I think I may be 16 weeks instead of the 10 weeks they have me at now. I can't wait to finally get an ultrasound and know for sure. I feel a lot farther along than 10 weeks. I'm uncomfortable and my blood pressure has been up and down and I swear I've felt small amount of movement over the past few weeks. With my daughter I felt great at 10 weeks. If I'm really feeling this bad at 10 weeks then this is going to be a rough pregnancy. Being a bigger girl, I tend not to get that cute baby bump until around 8 months along so I can never say for sure if I'm showing more but I feel like I am. I've been eating pretty healthy, with the exception to caving to a few cravings and at my last appointment I was down 5 pounds but now my pants are getting tight.

With my daughter I gained a lot of weight and I was hoping that if I just ate healthy then I wouldn't gain much this time. So when I see my pants getting tight at just 10 weeks, it's kind of depressing. I know I'm pregnant and I should expect to get bigger but being a bigger girl, they really don't expect you to gain much, if any at all during pregnancy. There's not much I can do right now except eat healthy and take a walk everyday. I can't tell you how much I miss my elliptical machine. I was doing really good before I got pregnant. I felt great and the weight was coming off. I had not had any junk food or anything bad in about 2 months. I loved working out and eating super healthy because I felt great. I had mix feelings about finding out I was pregnant. Obviously, it's another baby so I'm happy about that. However, it wasn't planned and I was hoping to shed a bit of weight to make my next pregnancy easier. Plus it was going to bring my work outs down. I'm scared more than anything because of my weight and because my blood pressure was going up for a few weeks. I have no clue how it's been lately, I've been taking my medicine so hopefully it's good. High blood pressure, especially when you're pregnant is really scary. And it doesn't help to have to wait this long to see a doctor. Plus I know I'm going to have to have another c-section, which I hate. I had so much trouble with the epidurals and spinals (It took 3 tries of each to finally get one to take) and then being strapped down to a table, not feeling your lower body and not being able to move is really stressful for me. It takes everything in me not to panic. There's not much I can do now except try to eat really healthy and try to walk everyday. Hopefully next time I update, I'll know for sure when I am due and have some answers and feel better about everything. good night and see you soon!