Doggie Jail

This afternoon my mom came to my work and we drove to the Cleveland City Kennel. Is that place doggie jail! Concrete everything, no lighting... scary. I considered staying home and having fun printing some dogs coloring pages in that moment. But no, I couldn't' do that! Anyway, we loaded up 4 of the dogs seized from dog fighting ring and drove back to work. They all seemed so friendly and sweet. Mom brought them home and put them in their kennels. When I got home from work I had 2 vet appointments for different dogs and 1 adoption. Plus Sammie and Newton were getting dropped off so they can go have their spay/neuter surgery tomorrow. Once all that was over, I took Kassa (the dog Holly watched get thrown from a car on News Year Eve) and put her in the fenced area. I then took two of the dogs to the fence to meet her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body but is about the same size as them so figured it was a good test. The first dog and her smelled each other and all was good. Then the second dog... she was fine with Kassa but quickly turned her attention to the other dog. She seemed a little stand off ish and then out of no where snap! It was like a switch went off in her head. It took everything in my power to get her off of the other dog.

The poor other dog just laid on his back like ok kill me. Once I got her off of the other dog she was pulling on me like she want to keep going. I got in between her and the other dog at one point but that wasn't going to stop her she went for my leg but I moved quick enough. I don't really think she was going after me b/c she is human aggressive but she defiantly is dog aggressive. I put her in a room by herself and just left her there to "chill out". I brought out the other 2 dogs and they were totally fine. I let them off leads and the 3 bait dogs and Kassa ran in the front fenced area. They were loving life. I just stood there and watch. It was probably the first time the have even been allowed to run free. If I asked them "what are you doing" they would run as fast as they could to me. Blossom would jump on me and want me to pet her head. Oh they are so sweet. Of course they made a total mess of their cages so that took me about 45 minutes to clean! And while all of this is going on, I get a phone call from a foster home about the foster dog being bad. I just don't know what I am going to do about that situation... I am at a loss. Oh, and I get a phone call from the hoarder lady that I have worked with before. She has a dog she wants to give me. Of course I said yes... and all this in one day!

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